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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc all across the globe, where offices and buildings had to close in droves. However, as companies slowly start to reopen, it’s created a demand for special sanitation services, and we aim to be your first line of defense. 

Consequently, at Xtremee Cleaning Services Inc., we can reduce the spread of viruses to your facility by using specific solutions and techniques. It includes electrostatic spraying and ultraviolet disinfection light, to lessen the chance of cross-contamination. 

We also take cleaning to new heights by ensuring our technicians are not just physically trained but have theoretical knowledge of cleaning. Therefore, our company has one of the most certified cleaning teams in the GTA and surrounding areas. 

We are certified in over twelve different cleaning categories, including office cleaning, general practices of cleaning, standard of health care cleaning, bloodborne and pathogens cleaning, chemical control, and green cleaning.

Read on to learn more about the services we provide:

Our services

1. Handyman 
We offer handyman services, ensuring that the buildings that we manage are getting fully serviced. We also offer complimentary deals starting at two call-outs per month for anyone that wants to sample our services.

2. Green Clean 
We use environmental products, and are also certified by the Green Clean Institute to provide our clients with certification once we complete a point-based system at their location. 

3. Janitorial 
We raise the bar when it comes to janitorial services by listening carefully, and taking notes to continuously improve. We also use appropriate equipment on a job for cleaner and more efficient services. 

Why choose us?

1. Affordable
We render value for money by providing competitive rates that will help individuals to make excellent savings. Besides, we offer up to one-month free promotion, where new clients can gauge the quality of our janitorial services.

2. Reliable
We are registered, insured, and a member of three significant janitorial associations, which makes us a trusted company. People can depend on us to create a clean, sanitary and safe work environment. 

3. Available 24-7
We treat cleaning as a profession and not a side job. Therefore, our dedicated management team is available round the clock and can efficiently resolve cleaning problems the same day so customers can get back to their schedule without any fuss.

For more details about our home inspection services, reach out to us at Xtremee Cleaning Services Inc. in Markham, ON. We are a generational family-run business that aims to provide the best cleaning services to our clients by ascertaining what gives them peace of mind. 

As a result, we treat clients like family but also display professionalism and offer an Xtremee Cleaning experience through our services. 

Our services include cleaning of industrial, educational, commercial, and medical facilities. We also provide handyman, sanitizing/disinfecting, and other special services to our clients.

We serve clients across Barrie, Markham, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, and the GTA.

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