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In Canada, businesses performing cleaning services for commercial properties generate $8 billion in revenue and have seen annual growth of 2.8% from 2013 to 2018. There are more than 29651 businesses that fall under this umbrella, employing more than 132,000 employees.

These companies assist with cleaning office buildings, residential buildings, retail centers, industrial buildings, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, government buildings, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more. Sometimes businesses in this industry are referred to as janitorial services, cleaning services, cleaning agencies, and cleaning companies. Depending on the contract details, commercial cleaners perform an array of additional cleaning services, including cleaning floors, windows, bathrooms, reception areas, kitchens, office cubicles, warehouses, and conference rooms.

They are often tasked with sanitizing specific areas, emptying garbage cans, and ensuring there is an acceptable level of cleanliness in the facility.

We have significantly grown over the last couple of months as a company, which we can see through the number of new contracts that we signed. While the Coronavirus pandemic has made finding work difficult for many people, as a company, we work on giving our clients the best possible service, so they are sure to come back the next time they need their premises cleaned.

Additionally, we have developed a new and improved way to help fight the COVID-19 virus and cross-contamination. Our secret is all in the way that we clean and clear up the premises that we go through. We also follow a cross-contamination and virus protection cleaning system that takes care of the surfaces and the viruses in the air. This process helps keep facilities and the staff working there, safe and healthy.

We love working within the cleaning industry, focusing on the health and safety of not only our staff but the clients who we work with as well. We have a team of properly trained technicians who are very good at what they do and on occasion, come up with innovations.

Overall, we were told by our clients that our performance has been superior and efficient. They are always pleased with our continued response to their request for extra sanitization, which is significant considering the circumstances. We will continue to respond to them and ensure regular and open communication.

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