The Truth About Cheap Janitorial Services

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Irrespective of the industry you run a business in, maintaining cleanliness is vital for your staff’s productivity. A dirty office or workplace can quickly deteriorate employee health, safety, and well being. For this reason, janitorial services are in high-demand, and to meet this demand, and there are several cleaning companies easily available today.

However, while the variety in cleaning service providers may seem like an advantage, it often isn’t the case. This is because people don’t usually look at a janitorial company’s qualifications or what they bring to the table. Around 80% of people solely consider prices before they choose a cleaning service. After all, how hard can it be to dust, vacuum, or swab the place, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t! So to help you distinguish between what’s right and what isn’t, here’s what we believe is the truth about cheap janitorial services.

Here are the Facts!

1. Standard services do not come at low prices.
If a cleaning company claims to offer standard, basic, or essential cleaning services at a price that’s lower than the market rate, it’s because they are not registered and insured. A non-registered company may not take responsibility for damages they cause as most of the time, this person or company is not insured. In case of an accident, you may be held liable to bare costs.

2. A lot more goes into professional cleaning than expected.
Janitorial services are one of the most in-demand services of today, but clients don’t want to pay for qualified, insured, trained, and licensed professionals. It is believed that janitorial work is easy to do and can be performed by anyone. In reality, it’s just the opposite. Professional janitors who are committed to keeping your premises clean are trained in their field. For example, office cleaning, health care cleaning, bloodborne and pathogens cleaning, chemical control, and green cleaning. They obtain licenses to assure you of their service quality and qualifications. They also possess an insurance cover to protect from severe financial risks of lawsuits, property damage, and workplace accidents.

3. Registered professionals aren’t trying to rob you on pricing.
If you feel that a janitorial company is trying to cheat you with their pricing, you can ask them to break up and explain their fees to you. On the other hand, if you pass over a qualified company to choose a cheaper service, you’ll find that within three months you’ll change your cleaners.

4. Lower prices come with consequences.
If you still feel that a cleaning company’s pricing is too high, then check if they can offer you a custom cleaning package at reduced rates. But keep in mind that enlisting cleaning companies that offer lower prices can mean that they hire cheaper workers and buy cheaper chemicals that may be harmful.

Here’s what you should consider when hiring a janitorial service.
While we aren’t saying you shouldn’t look to save money when choosing a janitorial service, we don’t want you to settle for the cheapest service. That’s because quite often, the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best.

To find a reliable cleaning company that can cater to your company’s daily cleaning requirements, follow these simple pointers:

a. Choose a cleaning business that’s registered and experienced or been in the industry for long.

b. Read their reviews online.

c. Confirm their capabilities and quality of service with others who hire them.

d. Ask questions about their employees. For example, do you conduct background checks, what training do you provide employees, are they insured, will I receive dedicated cleaners, or will they change continually, etc.?

Determine how quality checks are conducted.

f. Make note of grievance redressal options.

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